The Spy Cam HUD has been developed to be very easy to use and does not require much documentation.

TP2CAM - this very useful feature will send your Avatar to the position of your camera instantly with just one click in a blink of an eye, no matter how far the distance is, there is no limit. This feature has been enhanced and tested several times under different circumstances, move through walls, buildings, windows, locked doors, avatars etc, you name it, it has been enhanced and empowered to even move through an entire building from one end to another instantly, with just a single click!

OPEN MIC - Has 2 interesting features the CAM mode and the IDLE mode. Activate it by clicking the OPEN MIC button.

CAM Mode

This feature will give you hearing ability anywhere you move your cam, and will not stop unless you deactivate it by clicking OPEN MIC once again.


This feature when used will enable you to hear chat in any fixed position of your choice. This will work even if you log off by sending you what is heard to your email address. You can activate IDLE mode and then teleport to another spot, or log off, it will remain active.

We have added voice, on/off light indicator and click sounds to the features of the OPEN MIC to make the HUD much more user friendly. The OPEN MIC uses advanced communications for activating/deactivating. As explained in the document that comes with your purchase, deactivating the 'Open Mic' feature (either Cam or IDLE mode) can be done from anywhere in SL, you do not have to be in the same region/sim.

The HUD can be attached/worn at ANY HUD point you choose without any problem, you will not even feel that the attaching point has been changed, additional modifications you make to its position (by right clicking the HUD and selecting 'Edit' then moving it to a more suitable position) will be saved. Even if you detach and attach to a different HUD point, it will save every position you set for every HUD point. Save upto 8 HUD positions for every HUD point and everytime you attach to that point it will recall the position you have set for it.
This is extremely useful if you do not want the SPY CAM to replace any other HUD's that you want to wear with the SPY CAM HUD & incase the preset positions are not suitable for your monitors resolution the SPY CAM HUD will save any minor adjustments you do, to override the preset positions.


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